Dead-Frozen-Corroded-Swollen-Weak-Boiled and Cracked!

These are all terms used by battery owners all over the world. Whether your batteries are for residential, commercial, industrial or oilfield use, these conditions are a result of use and can’t be stopped, OR CAN THEY ? Reduce battery waste and cost, eliminate battery winter kill and parasitic draw and with a pulsed trickle charge that improves equipment reliability & productivity your batteries will always be at peak readiness. Used by Canadian & U.S. Military, U.S. Border Patrol, Emergency Vehicles, and Marine Vessels.

RigCharge will work on equipment batteries, construction batteries, engine batteries, generator batteries, car batteries, arctic batteries, long lasting batteries, RV batteries, Boat batteries, deep cycle batteries, marine batteries and any other type of lead acid battery made.

Rigcharge is a specially engineered Solar Powered trickle charging system, Environmentally Friendly Green Technology designed to stop everything that ends battery life. With military grade solar cells and registered pulse technology, RigCharge does what other chargers can’t! It will keep new batteries free of sulphation and reverses the sulphation damage on older batteries literally revitalizing your ageing batteries. Hook up your RigCharge and never worry about it again. With it’s maintenance free design, RigCharge keeps your batteries in top condition, providing piece of mind and saving you and your business down time and money.

RigCharge will work on all 12 and 24volt systems, whether it be cars, trucks, boats, RV’s or industrial equipment and machinery.