Space Saver Pumps

A compact, direct drive precharge/mix pump for mud mix room applications. The space saver is ideal for general rig water supply, micro tunneling mud mixing and many additional applications. This pump uses a premium efficiency inverter duty rated motors to permit constant speed or VFD drive operation.

The unit simplifies installation and reduces maintenance requirements by eliminating the belt drive and tensioners required by current mix pump arrangements. Safety is enhanced, and the pumps do not require guards to protect personnel from contact with belts or pulleys. Direct drive eliminates drive generated lateral loads on motor and pump bearings and seals, improving bearing and seal life.

The pump can be mounted with the axis in the conventional horizontal orientation, or vertically, reducing the footprint in the mix room. The package represents a new generation of safer, more efficient and more reliable mix pump taking less space and requiring less maintenance than current mix pump arrangements.